Obasi World Outreach Resurrection Power Ministries Inc is a full gospel evangelical church and accepts donations in the following forms.

Voluntary Tithes and Offering

Voluntary tithes, freewill offerings, and seeds of faith.

We also collect donations for specific ministries as listed below. Every donation will be applied to the purpose for which it was given. As a church we are tax exempt and qualified donations are tax deductible with IRS.

Hope and Future
for the Hopeless

We provide assistance for accommodation, food, school needs, and sometimes hospital bill settlement to orphan children, many of them in orphanages in some countries. The orphanage is real. You can never regret helping out.


Youth Empowerment and
Self-Actualization (Y.E.S.)

The Obasi World Outreach encourages the youth to say “Yes” to their abilities to succeed in life, no matter how difficult the present might look. We assist some to enroll in colleges and universities, give out some scholarships, sponsor some skills acquisition training, and help others to successfully start-up small businesses. We believe that one youth  that is helped to settle is like one block added to the building of a crime-free society.

Reconciliation and

At Obasi World Outreach Resurrection Power Ministries, we help to rehabilitate families who lost their accommodation due to natural disaster, loss of job, unemployment, sickness, family challenges, or other unplanned issues of life. Reconciliation and rehabilitation happen from beyond the physical and result in seeing families come back together in spirit, soul, and body. Together, we can help revamp one family at a time.